Coffee Moon Man Roastery Travel Mug

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One day, not so long ago, a brisk wind blew in from the Gorge, picking up momentum as it blustered its way through Portland. Just as the tempest reached an ordinary bungalow in a quiet neighborhood, the roasty aroma of coffee wafted forth. In what you might say was a perfect storm, that breeze of roasting beans met with the squall just as it rose into the sky, and, fueled by coffee, continued to rise until it reached the moon. It is said that, inhaling the warm scent of coffee, the man in the moon decamped for Earth, never to stray far from the source of his infatuation again. McMenamins Coffee Roaster is indeed located in an unassuming bungalow in Northeast Portland, and the facts of this story can neither be confirmed nor denied.

  • 16oz stainless interior/exterior
  • Acrylic lid and cork bottom.
  • Hand wash