Copper Moon Necklace

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It is said that, long ago in a fit of impishness, the moon descended from the sky to steal fire from Earth. Gleefully, she nabbed a flame, and on her way back to her place in the heavens, collided with a hawk, forever fusing its talons and wings to her crescent. Enjoy your newfound powers instilled by our cheerful copper moon, and if they fail to materialize, at least you’ll look good trying.

  • Laser Cut Wood 
  • Coppermoon Design with McMenamins Logo
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 9" Chain

Unpossible Cuts was created by two San Francisco East Bay artists, Domingo Daquioag and Philip Eggleston. With their gallery knowledge, creativity, and passion for art Unpossible Cuts was born. Their laser cut designs are their own, inspired by iconic imagery and featuring designs from up and coming artists. As the artist’s like to say, “We MakeFun” – that is the mission of Unpossible Cuts.