Roman Ruby Botanicals - Sauvies Island Soap

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  • Roman Ruby Botanicals from Portland, OR crafts small batches of soaps, lotions, bath salts, perfumes, colognes and candles using the finest ingredients including pure essential oils, fresh and organic herbs, flowers and fruit.
  • When I think of Sauvie Island, I think of walking through fields of lavender, strolling through barns, picking strawberries and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Its an amazingly peaceful experience just outside of Portland's city center.
    This double decker soap has organic lavender buds harvested from Sauvie Island and organic orange peel sandwiched between translucent purple glycerin soap supported by a milky lavender white glycerin base. Scented with 100% pure lavender, bergamot and orange oils with a touch of rosewood oil.
  • 6oz bar can be used all at once or cut in half for a smaller bar.