Thundercone Ale Vinyl Sticker

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  • Show your appreciation for your favorite beer with this sticker. It is perfect for your car, laptop or water bottle!
  • Waterproof Vinyl Material

Autumn arrives, and with it, McMenamins fall beer, Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale. To celebrate the hop harvest in the Pacific Northwest, McMenamins brewers created a seasonal beer utilizing fresh hops straight from the fields. Over 1,000 pounds are delivered from Oregon’s Sodbuster Farms to McMenamins breweries all over Washington and Oregon in an event known as “The Running of the Brewers.” Each batch of Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale is brewed within hours of the hops being picked from the vine. This is a daunting task but one that the McMenamins brewers feel is well worth the monumental coordination involved. The resulting beer is the ultimate fresh-hop showcase, and it’s only available once a year.