Phil 9 Year Whiskey

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It seemed fitting that the new CPR whiskey descend from beers that Bart had crafted during his days as a brewer: Philosopher’s Stone and Barn Owl Bitter. Philosopher’s Stone takes too damn long to say when you’re reaching for your next sip of beer, so it earned the nickname Phil. Naturally, Barn Owl Bitter became Bob, and, with a steady breeze of Grateful Dead at their backs, CPR’s distillers Bart and Arthur went on to craft Jerry, Pig Pen, Mickey, Billy and Garcia – the grain bills behind existing CPR whiskeys, as well as whiskeys to come (aging takes serious patience). The grain bill for Philosopher’s Stone Ale – and its whiskey progeny – includes 2-row malt, Munich malt, unmalted roast barley and wheat malt. This translates to a whiskey with a complex grain profile that shows a rich maltiness, smooth creaminess and a hint of smoke & coffee. 

45% alcohol by volume, 90 proof
750ml bottle 

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