McMenamins Piped Pepper Hot Sauce

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Ensconced in the depths of McMenamins Grand Lodge under a ceiling criss-crossed by pipes, you'll find numerous delight bubbling away in our fermentation chamber. In a nod to those very pipes we've concocted this hot sauce made from peppers grown in McMenamins gardens. With the heat of the peppers and tang of fermentation it's delicious on scrambles, potatoes, Mexican dishes and more. Piped Piper is only available once a year when the peppers are harvested. Enjoy this fermented hot sauce while it's around!

  • 10oz
  • Fermented keep refrigerated
  • Produced and bottled in McMenamins Grand Lodge
  • Ingredients: Blend of hot peppers from McMenamins gardens, red bell peppers, carrots, green onion, fresh ginger and sea salt