Fisher Crocodile Tarot Series 2 Mug

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Are you hunter or prey? It depends on your perspective… All it takes is a half turn of this cool cocktail mug to warn your friends what kind of mood you’re in. McMenamins Tarot series has an arcana of its own. Each mug draws inspiration from the art at individual McMenamins island-inspired bars. Just like tarot cards, the mugs have different meanings when upright or inverted. Our Tarot Series mugs are made by Muntiki. They’re thrown by hand on a potter’s wheel, then the design is carved, from which a mold is made. After firing they’re handpainted and handstamped. Slight imperfections are the nature of handmade.

 Handwash. Do not microwave or put in dishwasher.

  • McMenamins commissioned our friends at Munktiki and worked with them to create a set of stacker tiki mugs for our bars.
  • The Fisher Crocodile from Tarot Series 2.
  • Maximum ounces this tiki mug can hold is 22oz
  • Series 2 is inspired by art and objects from The Old Hangout at Elks Temple.
  • Each one sold separately.
  • Limited edition, 1000 total qty produced and series stamped on bottom. 
  • Due to limited inventory we have to limit the quantity purchased to 2 per customer per shipping address. 
  • Hand painted and hand stamped. As with any hand crafted item each one will vary slightly and might be imperfectly perfect.

Munktiki was founded in the early months of the year 2000. Comprised of designers Paul and Miles they strive to bring to the world the finest Tiki Mugs and related products. Their combined experience and knowledge in the ceramics field has enabled them to produce some of the finest Tiki Mugs to date. With an eye on the fun side they strive to add their sense of taste and style to the mugs they make. Please join them on their journey into the realm of cocktail madness and enjoy a drink or two from one of their tiki mugs.

The Tiki Mugs are made in stoneware with translucent or opaque glazes in a wide variety of colors. Production of the mug is a challenge with its ups and downs on a daily basis. Their mugs start off being a cylinder of clay they throw on the potter wheel, the design is carved in after the clay has setup. When the design is finished plaster is mixed and a mold is made. After the plaster has dried slip “liquid clay” is poured into the mold and when the desired thickness is achieved the slip is poured out. Then the piece is cleaned, fired, glazed, and fired again to a temperature of around 1950 degrees Fahrenheit earthenware or 2200 degrees for stoneware.