Edgefield Cider Tasting Mug

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  • Wide Mouth. Put your nose near the cider.
  • Tapered Neck. Aromas concentrate where your nose will meet them.
  • Unglazed. The interior and lip of the mug are finished with a bright white glaze, most of the exterior is left raw, providing a firm grip, even when wet. When you examine cider in a clear glass, you’re seeing the color of objects around the cider, not the color of the cider. With opaque white walls, the Cider Mug allows you to evaluate the cider’s true color and clarity.
  • It’s Ceramic. Glass is great, but ceramic is better, at least when it comes to insulating properties. Cider stays cooler longer in ceramic.
  • Not Quite a Handle. The Nevada-shaped tab on the side provides a nice spot to rest Web Space No. 1 (the not-very-creative medical term for the webbing between your thumb and index finger).
  • It's the Bubbles. The "33" logo embossed in the mug’s bottom serves as a nucleation site where dissolved carbon dioxide can form the bubbles which deliver aroma to your nose and texture to your tongue.
  • Designed, Tested and Cast in Portland, Oregon.

McMenamins has been crafting hard cider to serve in our pubs since 1992, offering clean, crisp flavors that highlight the bounty of the Pacific Northwest.  Now you can show your love of our Edgefield Hard Cider with this distinctive design.