Illimat Card Game

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Illimat is a modern set collection game that feels like a relic found in your grandfathers attic. Score points each round by collecting cards and other items while turning seasons and luminary cards effect play. If you’ve ever played classic games like hearts, rummy, or scopa, Illimat will feel familiar yet completely unique. Designed in partnership with the band The Decemberists and illustrated by Carson Ellis ( Du Iz Tak?, Wildwood) . Find how to play videos and other resources at

  • Portable box design filled with: 24” cloth board, 5 linen finish suited deck, 8 Luminary cards, 4 metal Okus tokens, 4 glass point counters, cloth bag, full color instruction manual

  • 1-4 Players

  • 12+up

  • 15-45 Min.