Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Gift Box

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Set in an old granary barn constructed by the pioneer Imbrie family in the mid-1850s, the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery boasts a century-year-old, 160-gallon Alambic Charentais pot still, gleaming a polished copper against a specially built, solid brick housing (using bricks recycled from Edgefield, the Kennedy School and the Crystal Hotel). Sourced from an old barn in Cognac, France, the still itself has a definite "steam punk" look to it – in fact, one wonders if this type of old-timey contraption wasn't the inspiration for the steam punk movement itself? This gift box is $5 in savings! Includes:

  • 2 CPR Distillery pint glasses
  • 1 CPR Distillery marble magnet
  • 1 CPR Distillery marble coaster
  • CPR Distillery T-Shirt in Midnight
  • McMenamins logo box