Edgefield Pub Course Pint Glass

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  • 20oz glass with epoxy etch logo
  • Nucleation points on a beer glass is an etching on the bottom which helps the release of carbonation and can create a steady stream of bubbles emanating from the etched portion of the glass. This works by CO2 releasing (dissolving into gas) when it comes in contact with the rough surface of the nucleation points.  A nucleation point increases the amount of bubbles released when compared side by side with a non- nucleated beer glass.

Said to be loosely based on the mythic links described in Michael Murphy's novel Golf in the Kingdom, our two par-3 Pub Courses (12 holes & 20 holes) meander throughout the Edgefield property, winding in and around thickets of blackberry bushes, all the while offering panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge while you work on your short game.