Subscription Coffee Packages

Coffee Subscription Packages

A morning without coffee is like a morning without…well, coffee. Never run out again! McMenamins Coffee Roasters offer four coffee package options – all featuring our handcrafted, fresh-roasted whole coffee beans from our roasting facility nestled in a house in Portland. Browse below for all the choices; can’t you almost smell the coffee brewing?

Depending on how much caffeine you need to get by, deliveries can be either every two or four weeks.

Free Mug with Coffee Subscription

When you sign up (or give as a gift), new coffee subscriptions of 3 months or longer come with a free mug! March 1-31, 2024 while supplies last!

Coffee Options:

  1. Down the Rabbit Hole small batch, single origin or barrel aged
  2. Blends
  3. Black Rabbit French Roast
  4. Decaf water processed

Subscription Options:

  1. Pay as you go
  2. Prepay 3, 6 or 12 months

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Black Rabbit French Roast

A popular dark, this blend is named after the beloved – yet elusive – black rabbit first spotted by the McMenamin brothers as they pondered the Poor Farm, which in time, became Edgefield. This roast is rich and full-bodied with notes of chocolate and caramel.

All prices include shipping.

Decaf (Water-processed)

Our decaf originates from an all-natural, glacial water-processed, chemical-free decaffeination processes. This high standard preserves the coffee’s full flavor, with an aftertaste that’s fresh and smooth.

All prices include shipping.


Mix it up with this selection of our different blends, some of which are seasonal. The assortment includes: House Blend, Black Rabbit French Roast Blend, Morning Blend, Fireside Blend and Equinox Blend.

All prices include shipping.

Down the Rabbit Hole

These are our specialty offerings that are typically in limited production – but not limited in flavor! These can be barrel-aged selections when we age coffee in McMenamins barrels, such as port. They may also be single-origin coffees, sourced from small farms in the world’s best growing regions.

All prices include shipping.