What does “awaiting payment” mean?

You did pay! “Awaiting payment” means that we don’t think it’s fair to take your money until your package is on its way, so it’s pending on your account. Once we ship your order, you will be charged.

When will my order ship?

Patience is hard, we know, so we do our best to scoot your order right out the door. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to process and ship your order; we try to be faster (we really do!), but at busy times – especially around the holidays – our small, hardworking staff needs every one of those days to get yours and hundreds of other orders in the mail. Thank you for understanding!

Can gift cards used for lodging?

Yes! Gift cards can be used at any McMenamins location for anything. Concert tickets, a new t-shirt, a pint of Ruby, a bottle of wine, room service!

Where can I get a gift card?

Anywhere! – at McMenamins, that is. Gift cards can be purchased at any McMenamins or in our online store. We cannot sell gift cards over the phone.

Do you offer discounts on shipping or gift cards?

Sure do: On gift card purchases over $1000, we offer a 10% discount. We are only able to process these orders in person at our North Portland headquarters. Please call 503-223-0109 for more information.

We use USPS and UPS for shipping and do not offer discounts on these services.