Sundown Pineapple-Lemongrass & Lime Leaf Shrub

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Our shrubs are crafted in the Grand Lodge Fermentation Chamber starting with the centuries-old Orleans method of vinegar making, using Edgefield wines and ales. Fresh fruits, herbs and simple syrup are added to create unique flavors, making these shrubs delicious in cocktails, mocktails, vinaigrettes and gastrique.

Note refrigerate upon arrival and store cold.


Drinking Vinegar

With a bright, citrusy aroma all its own, lime leaf adds punch to pineapple in this tropical shrub – pure sunshine in a bottle. Add to Three Rocks Spiced Rum and juices of pineapple, orange and lime to create a rum punch that will take you to the tropics anytime of year. Sundown Pineapple-Lemongrass & Lime Leaf Shrub is a seasonal shrub starting in July.

Please note, this product is recommend to be refrigerated. 

Sundown Pineapple Cooler 
In a tumbler combine:
1 shot Sundown Pineapple-Lemongrass & Lime Shrub
1 shot Three Rocks Rum
Top with soda water, ice and shake
Serve over ice in a collins glass
Garnished with a lime wheel