Chocolate Dipped Banana Shrub

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Our shrubs are crafted in the Grand Lodge Fermentation Chamber starting with the centuries-old Orleans method of vinegar making, using Edgefield wines and ales. Fresh fruits, herbs and simple syrup are added to create unique flavors, making these shrubs delicious in cocktails, mocktails, vinaigrettes and gastrique.

Note refrigerate upon arrival and store cold.


Drinking Vinegar

This shrub takes you back to childhood with the taste of state fairs and beachside frozen banana stands – with a grownup twist. McMenamins raw Terminator Malt Alegar anchors top notes of banana followed by a finish of dark chocolate. Amp up your smoothies, invigorate sparkling water or enliven a cocktail with this new classic.

Please note, this product is recommend to be refrigerated. 

Chocolate Dipped Banana Shrub Cream Soda

Fill pint glass with ice
1/4 Shot Chocolate sauce
2 Shot Chocolate Dipped Banana Shrub
Fill with soda water & top with oat milk
Serve with a drizzle of chocolate sauce & a straw, mix before drinking 

Chocolate Dipped Banana Irish Coffee

Fill a mug glass 
1/4 Shot Chocolate sauce
1.5 Shot Chocolate Dipped Banana Shrub
1 Shot Billy Whiskey
Top off with drip coffee & whip cream