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2009 Blanc de Noir

18% Oregon / 82% Washington


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82% Washington - Bomke Vineyard, Battleground, WA
18% Oregon - Rancho Ritter Vineyard, Beavercreek, OR

Release Date: May 8th 2012

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir

Made from Pinot Noir grapes, "Blanc de Noir" translates to "White from Red." The grapes are harvested earlier than typical wine grapes to maintain high levels of acidity to help balance the wine once carbonated. At the winery they are quickly pressed, allowing little or no contact with the skins, keeping the juice clear. Primary fermentation is conducted in neutral oak barrels, leaving the wine at about 11%-12% alcohol. At this point the wine is bottled, a bit of unfermented juice and yeast is added to each bottle and quickly capped with a ‘crown cap' or beer cap. Secondary fermentation begins, which is when Sparkling wine gets its sparkle, or carbonation. It is rested for two years in contact with this secondary yeast slurry and after riddling, each bottle is hand disgorged, corked and labeled just prior to release.

Tasting Notes: Pale straw in color, the 2009 Blanc de Noir has aromas of lemon meringue pie, ripe red apples and cranberries with hints of toast and vanilla. It is light and fruity with a touch more residual sugar than in years past which adds roundness to the finish and balances this year's higher acidity. Effervescent and approachable, the 2009 vintage is great for celebrating as well as a quiet evening in.

Fun Facts: 90-110 lbs. per square inch of pressure!

At what velocity will a cork escape a bottle of sparkling wine? 38-40mph (so proceed with caution)!





2009 Blanc de Noir
2009 Blanc de Noir

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